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Clinical Services

The Smile Centre Rejuvenation Dentistry
We pride ourselves in our philosophy of Rejuvenation Dentistry. Rejuvenation dentistry includes smile make-overs, all ceramic zirconia crowns and bridges. We focus on total wellness even as it touches inner beauty. New research and new diseases are prompting some dentists to question the wisdom of traditional dental materials and dental procedures. These dentists practice what is called holistic or biological dentistry. At The Smile Centre we recognizes the close relationship between dental health and such areas as diet and nutrition, body structure, the immune system and the central nervous system. We recognize natural and non-surgical ways of treatment.

Root Canal Therapy
If you are suffering from a tooth infection caused by decay or injury, you may be in need of a root canal. We can work with you to discuss the root canal treatment and ensure that your procedure is painless and effective, leaving you with an improved, healthy smile.
Don't let the fear of pain or discomfort prevent you from receiving the dental care you deserve. Make an appointment with The Smile Centre for pain-free root canal treatment.

Gum Treatments
Your gums are the framework for a picture-perfect smile. Periodontics focuses on the health and treatment of gums and bones, working to correct and prevent damage caused by gingivitis, periodontitis or other gum diseases. Maintaining healthy gums strengthens the foundation of your mouth.
If you are considering dental procedures such as implants or full mouth restoration, you may have to meet with an experienced periodontist. The Smile Centre will work together with you to develop a comprehensive dental plan that achieves the healthy smile you deserve. Our extensive gum disease program includes laser treatment, oral hygiene education, perio maintenance program and nutritional counseling.

Cosmetic Dentistry
Feeling like you're embarrassed about your appearance can affect all areas of your life. Studies prove that attractive people get more jobs, more money, have more friends and more opportunities. Looking and feeling good doesn't have to be a struggle.
Restorative benefits of cosmetic dental care include dental fillings made out of porcelain, instead of metals or mercury. In the past, mercury or mixtures of gold fillings left visible dark spots on your teeth.
Another restorative benefit offered by our cosmetic dentistry is porcelain lamination that whitens your teeth, and protects them from getting dark and stained.
We can use teeth whitening and dental veneers to help give you that boost in confidence for most smile makeovers.

Smile Makeover
Smile makeovers can be full or partial and begin with a comprehensive consultation and evaluation that assesses your current oral health and the look of your smile, as well as what you wish to achieve in modifying your smile. Our trained dental staff will work one-on-one with you to then create a smile makeover dental treatment plan that meets all of your needs.

Children's Dentistry
We have a special place for children and offer complete children’s dentistry care. This includes space maintainers, crowns habit appliances preventive and interceptive orthodontics. Our children are special members of our family of patients as some of them may need extra time in the chair. We understand this and approach children with respect and patience.
Our team works together to ensure a friendly experience for both parents and children as we communicate necessary treatment and a plan for continued oral health. Our ultimate satisfaction is achieved when your child leaves our office with a beautiful smile and a healthy self-image.

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Sports Dentistry
Sports Dentistry is one of the newest fields in dentistry and involves the treatment and diagnosis of various sports related dental injuries. It also encompasses the fabrication of custom fitting mouthguards. These have been shown to protect the teeth and help prevent concussions during sports related activities.

Sedation/Pain Management
Patient comfort is top priority at all times. In order to reduce anxiety, oral surgery procedures can be performed while patients are relaxed under IV sedation. Our modern, bright, spacious office design is reassuring and comfortable.
There are many factors that influence the choice of a successful regime for pain management. The assessment of the physical and psychological make-up of the patient, together with their past experiences with various forms of pain control, are key to future choices.

Emergency Service
Do you have a dental emergency, such as broken tooth? Our emergency dental care program is second to none. Call us at (246) 436-8425 for an emergency dentist appointment!

TMJ Disorder Treatment
TMJ (“temporomandibular joint”) disorders affect the joints hinging the upper and lower jaw. The symptoms of TMJ disorder can include jaw, head, and neck pain, migraines, bite problems, and worn-down teeth. TMJ disorders are also characterized by a cycle of pain, muscle spasms, and joint imbalance where the joint meets the skull. The smile center offers various treatments to reduce both the causes and symptoms of a TMJ disorder.

We offer the latest in dentures (Valplast Dentures). No metal clasps are used and the dentures are stronger and more aesthetic. We also offer crowns and bridges.

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